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Other large instrumental ensembles
Opera and chorus
Solo voice, with and without accompaniment
Small instrumental chamber ensemble
Other solo instruments


One Chord Wonders (1999) 8 min.
Commission: Quincy Symphony Orchestra

Postcards from Annaghmakerrig (1998) 12 min.

Acadia (1995) 11 min.

Fanfares for Teddy Roosevelt (1994-1995) 11 min.

Lake George Overture (1988) 9 min.

Five Pieces on Paintings of Max Ernst (1979-1980) 23 min.

Other large instrumental ensembles

Djerassi Strata (2002) 11 min.

Linsner Sextet (1992) 9 min.
Commission: Northwestern Univ. Trombone Ensemble

Cruikshank Fantasy (1989) 8 min.
Commission: Alea III

Gryllus (1988-1989) 17 min.
Winner, First Prize, Harvey Gaul Composition Competition, 1990

Exaltation (1980, 1994) 1 min.
0000-4231-1perc or

Fanfare for the West (1980) 3 min.

Sinfonia (1977-1978) 14 min.

Opera and chorus

Song to the Sun (1998) 8 min.
SATB chorus, baritone solo, a cappella

Four Clark Coolidge Poems (1981) 8 min.
SATB chorus, a cappella

The Last Leaf (1980-1981) 45 min.
4 solo roles, 2 pno

Solo voice, with and without accompaniment

Bilbies VII (1998) 10 min.
Any voice solo
Commission: Marsha Johnson

Western Wind Fragments (1993-1994) 12 min.
sop, cl, vln, vcl, pno
Commission: Eos Ensemble

Dorothy Linsner Songs (1992-1993) 18 min.
sop, pno

Boynton Merrill's Bestiary: Book Two (1991-1992) 23 min.
baritone, pno

Harriet Zinnes Songs (1990) 17 min.
sop, cb, pno

Boynton Merrill's Bestiary: Book One (1988-1989) 25 min.
baritone, pno

Six Songs on German Texts (1984) 14 min.
sop, cl/bs cl, gtr
Commission: Barbara Winchester

Six Songs on Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins (1976-1977) 25 min.
sop, ob/Eh, cl/bs cl, hn, trb, vln/vla, vcl, pno

Small instrumental chamber ensemble

Woodwind Quintet no. 3 ("Sacagawea: 15 min.
Three Life Episodes") (2003)
Commission: Equinox Chamber Players

Crosscultural Variations (2002) 16 min.
vln, vla, vcl, cb, pno
Commission: Continental Harmony Program,
American Composers Forum

Pernezal (2000) 14 min.
vla, vcl
Commission: Leslie Perna and Darry Dolezal

Sonata for Tenor Saxophone and Piano ("Carmichael") (2000) 11 min.
Commission: Steve Carmichael

Pocket Divertimento (1998) 11 min.
fl, cl
Commission: Ellen Rakatansky

Pedals for Peterson (1997) 8 min.
cl, hn, trp, vcl, pno
Commission: Gary Peterson

The Deeper Magic (1995-1996) 18 min.
vln, vla
Commission: Duo Renard

Looking-Glass Chaconne (1994) 9 min.
vln, pno
Commission: Ray Shows

Rockman Sketches (1994) 14 min.
cl/bs cl, ten sax/sop sax, vln, pno

String Quartet no. 2 ("Artaria") (1991) 30 min.
Commission: Artaria Quartet of Boston

Woodwind Quintet no. 2 ("Berkshire Pilgrimage") (1990-1991) 18 min.
Commission: Arcadian Winds

Technicalities (1990) 7 min.
cl, pno
Commission: David Halpert

Fractured Memory (1989) 13 min.
2 vla da gamba
Commission: Kathy Benforado

String Quartet no. 1 ("Inventing Situations")
23 min.

Ferrets (1987) 8 min.
4 cb

Zoological Dances (1986) 13 min.
sop sax, alto sax, ten sax, bari sax

The Woylies at Home (1985-1986) 6 min.
2 alto recorders, ten recorder, bass recorder
Commission: Sheila Beardslee

Self-Portrait after Stubbs (1985-1986) 12 min.
vla, pno

Numbat Picnic (1985) 12-16 min.
2 pnos or pno 4-hands

A Gathering of Quokkas (1985) 19 min.
cl, bs cl, vln, vcl, pno
Commission: Dinosaur Annex Ensemble

Alamazoo-Bargoroo (1983-1984) 17 min.
2 trp, hn, trb, tba

Mooglies (1982) 20 min.
3 perc

Cartoon Music (1981-1982) 7 min.
fl, cl

Five Character Studies for String Quartet (1979) 6 min.

Four Short Pieces for Horn Duo (1979) 4 min.

Dream Sequence (1978-1979) 15 min.
pno 4-hands

Woodwind Quintet no. 1 (1975) 12 min.

Other solo instruments

SICPP Fantasies (2002) 8 min.
Piano solo
Commission: SICPP Festival, New England Conservatory

Two Moods for Mickey D (2001) 6 min.
Piano solo
Commission: John McDonald

Fourteen Movie Characters (1996-1997) 15 min.
Piano solo
Commission: Kathryn Rosenbach and
American Composers Forum/
Boston Area Chapter

Bilbies VI (1995) 7 min.
Any oboe solo

Bilbies V (1991) 8 min.
Percussion solo

Variations and Chorale on "Alle Menschen
muessen sterben"
7 min.
Organ solo
Commission: Rosenberger Memorial Competition, Cincinnati Composers' Guild

Elegy (1987-1988) 8 min.
Violoncello solo
Commission: Deborah Hand

Bilbies IV (1987) 6 min.
Any flute solo except piccolo

Sonata no. 1 ("Ondine") for Piano (1987) 32 min.

Bilbies III (1986) 5 min.
Any clarinet solo

Suite (1986) 22 min.
Violoncello or viola solo

Bilbies II (1984-1985) 8 min.
Any trumpet solo

Five Bilbies [Bilbies I] (1984) 7 min.
Viola or violin solo

Rock and Roll Star (1984) 12 min.
Electric (or acoustic) guitar solo
Commission: Henry Gwiazda

Piano Preludes (1982-1983) 18 min.
Commission: Christine Logan

Sonata for Solo Violin (1980) 10 min.

Screaming Meemie (1979) 4 min.
Alto saxophone solo

Schizoid (1978) 8 min.
Violoncello solo

Piece for Solo Flute (1976) 6 min.

Seven Bagatelles for Piano (1975) 15 min.

Ret-rak (1975) 7 min.
Contrabass solo

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