ABCs of Strings and Complete Technique


"The ABCs of Strings books are fascinating! They are well organized, well thought out, and a superb choice of music in every way. I highly recommend this method to my students, student teachers as well as my colleagues. In addition, Complete Technique for Violin is superb! It is well organized, and addresses all aspects of violin technique. I assign this to my students, and recommend this book and Complete Technique for Viola to my colleagues. Brava to Janice Tucker Rhoda!"
~ Dr. Wei Tsun Chang, Professor of Violin, Tennessee Technological University

"Extremely clear and beautifully organized, The ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola are a truly valuable resource for every teacher of students in the early stages of exploring the instrument. They are immensely helpful not only in laying the essential groundwork, but also in making the process enjoyable."
~ Dorothy DeLay, Professor of Violin, The Juilliard School

"There are virtually no gaps to fill on completion of The ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola books before moving on to exam material -- it is the most complete and whole series that dovetails with the Associated Board of the Royal Conservatory of Music that I have come across yet."
~ Hazel Kerr, 2003 Scottish Instrumental Teacher of the Year Award, Scotland, UK

"The best string method books I've seen! Teachers will excel using this method and students will love the music. I highly recommend it."
~ Yuri Mazurkevich, Professor of Violin, Boston University

"It is my pleasure to recommend Janice Tucker Rhoda's violin method The ABCs of Violin. The 5 books in the method contain excellent exercise and study material to learn the violin basics from the beginning. What pleases me the most is the variety of music with the introduction of the basic violin techniques in a well organized format presented in larger than normal print yet in a pedagogically serious way without seeming childish or demeaning. No method can substitute for the benefit of a fine teacher, but this method provides teachers with excellent developmental exercises and technique building material, which includes etudes, scales and studies along with a really fine variety of both classical themes and folk and fiddle tunes. Although Book 3 is designated as "Advanced", Book 4 as "More Advanced" and Book 5 as "Budding Virtuoso", the method actually covers the development from the absolute beginner through the Intermediate stage. The 5 books introduce the first three positions, techniques such as trills, shifting, double stops, spiccato, detache and slurs, harmonics, scales and arpeggios, and pizzicato. Solo pieces range from Gregorian chant, Mozart and Bach to Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Franck and Sibelius to folk music and fiddle tunes, including original music and studies composed by the author. This method teaches the student how to read music and some basic theory including intervals, and scale forms. I consider Janice Tucker Rhoda's method to be a valuable violin teaching method that provides the beginner and developing student a comprehensive and exciting journey in which to explore and master the fundamentals of playing the violin."
~ Dr. Kenneth Sarch, D.M.A., Professor of Violin and Viola Mansfield University, Conductor of Mansfield University String Orchestra, Co-author of the ASTA "Dictionary of Bowing and Pizzicato Terms" and "The Twentieth Century Violin," Author of String Orchestra music published by KJOS and LUDWIG MASTER Publishers, two-time Fulbright Scholar, Mansfield, PA

"The best beginning reading music book I have ever worked with. It's nicely graded and moves easily from one process to the next."
~ Frieda Keck, Suzuki violin teacher, Pasadena, CA

"The repertoire is so beautiful and the warm-up exercises are lyrical. My students are really enjoying learning to read music with these books."
~ Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras, portrayed by Meryl Streep in the movie "Music of the Heart" is a violin teacher and the Artistic Director of Opus 118 Music Center, East Harlem Violin Program, New York, NY

"I use ABCs of Violin for both children and adults, and find that it covers both groups well. There is a variety of material and styles, and it is easy to navigate your way through the book. The system of line numberings makes it easy to reference between the various techniques being taught, and the warm-ups provided for each main piece allow material to be introduced gradually. The availability of an orchestral scoring of the material is useful in forming up small groups for the spring recital season."
~ Richard Tweney, B.M., English and French speaking Violin/Viola teacher, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

"The clear explanations and well chosen examples should do great service to an aspiring violinist."
~ Roman Totenberg, Professor of Violin, Boston University


"Complete Technique for Cello and ABCs of Cello are an excellent source for teaching cello students in comprehensive, well organized fashion, as well as pedagogy courses."
~ Tanya Remenikova, Professor of Cello, School of Music at University of Minnesota

"I love Janice Tucker Rhoda's method books because they are easy to follow. As a cello teacher and member of the American String Teachers Association, I have reviewed many method books, and found Janice's books to be a fun, organized, "no frills" book to offer my students. The students enjoy being able to play familiar songs right from the "get go." Many method books are so cluttered with information the student has a difficult time focusing on the lesson and just ends up very confused. The ABCs of Cello series of method books are excellent books for every level, they progress nicely through the positions and move the student smoothly through their musical endeavors."
~ Charlene Ledoux, B.A., AA-Music, CMP-bd member NHASTA, cellist Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra in N. Andover, MA, Fitchburg State College Chamber Group, Charlaurie Cello Duet ensemble, Cello teacher, southern NH

"I LOVE the The ABCs of Cello books! It is so clear and uncluttered (unlike so many current books) with large type, plenty of space between the lines and pieces, organized pedagogical goals, and helpful hints mixed in. I especially enjoy the mix of well-known tunes, important classical melodies, and your original songs. This is the first source I go to when I teach a new student! I know he or she would not be intimidated with this volume and will enjoy the learning process without being overwhelmed."
~ Greg Hamilton, DMA, Professor of Cello, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN

"Janice Tucker Rhoda has created an outstanding book for the beginner cellist. No need to buy a supplementary book, as The ABCs of Cello for the Absolute Beginner includes a collection of songs and etudes in comprehensive sequence. The practice planner and chart keep everything together for that forgetful cellist and the duets are fun for the student and teacher alike! I highly recommend this book for those ready to dive into the art of cello playing and for those teaching group and private lessons."
~ Maria Scherer Wilson, B.M.E., M.M., Alternative Cellist/String Specialist, Seattle, WA

"If you have been looking for a book that will be self-explanatory, well diverse on its techniques and with mathematically and physically correct fingerings, Janice Tucker Rhoda has delivered on the Complete Technique for Cello book. The system she uses not only helps with playing techniques, but also note reading and clef understanding is clean and straight forward. I have been using this book as part of my student's practice and sight reading. I highly recommend this book because it will help you and your students have a strong lesson and practice. This book will bring a new dimension to your lessons and to your own practice."
~ Silas De Oliveira, Brasilian/American Cellist and teacher, Boston, MA


"Complete Technique for Double Bass, Book 1 by Janice Tucker Rhoda is a welcome addition to the growing collection of pedagogical books for the double bass. Many will find this book very useful as a supplement or companion to ABCs of Bass Books 1 and 2 by Rhoda (also published by Carl Fischer). Overall, this is a very fine method which I greatly enjoy and fills in the appropriate preparation and exercises for developing bowing skills with a sequenced approach to playing in all positions from half-position through thumb position at the octave harmonic."
~ Dr. David Ballam, Instructor of double bass and music appreciation, Auburn University, AL

Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Bass books are an outstanding way to start beginning bass players of all ages. It's fun, familiar tunes, mixed with helpful exercises, keep students progressing quickly while also keeping their interest. It is especially helpful for young beginners, as there is no other series out there that is both effective and engaging for them. I highly recommend the ABCs of Bass books."
~ Nancy Kidd, Double Bass teacher and performer, Bassist in Rhode Island Philharmonic, former Principal Bassist Thayer Symphony, Fitchburg, MA

"The ABCs of Bass presents a wealth of information that is consistent with the pedagogy of the leading bass teachers worldwide! Students will love it because of the high quality of the music. There are well over 40 appealing folk songs, classical pieces and excellent original teaching pieces by Janice Tucker Rhoda in each volume. Information for both the left and right hands is thoughtfully presented. For example, the introduction of the slurred staccato and the slurred portato before teaching the smooth slur is a great idea! After studying Books 1 and 2, students will be able to play various two octave scales with many of the basic bowing skills."
~ Dan Swaim, Professor of Double Bass, Arizona State University and Chair of Suzuki Association of the Americas Bass Committee

"The ABCs of Strings series is also great for students of the mandolin! The violin series presents technique and position playing in a manner that is natural and quite enjoyable. Included are warm-ups and over one hundred and fifty well graded pieces. This is a complete series of method books that can serve the beginning, intermediate and advanced students of the mandolin well."
~ Roy J. Carter, Mandolinist, Cambridge, MA


"I am so pleased that I purchased The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner DVD. It has helped me enormously in practicing with my 4.5 year-old twins. The children also clamor to watch the video; they get terrific reinforcement on the technique and they love to listen to the performance section. In fact, it is now their post-story, pre-bedtime treat, if they've been good. They are learning not only how to play the violin but also to love its sound. Thank you!"
~ Dr. Linda Rabieh, Tufts University & MIT Lecturer

"One of my sons has thoroughly enjoyed using the ABCs of Violin books 1 and 2 as well as The ABCs of Violin for the Intermediate Player DVD. I am glad I discovered the ABCs of Cello series for my other son. My children began with the Suzuki method but have constantly been asking for more songs to play on their level. There are so many gaps to fill with the Suzuki method. Thank you for publishing your ABCs of Strings Series and I will keep looking out for new releases for the various instruments."
~ Maya Kmjhetman

"I really appreciate Janice Tucker Rhoda's patience in explaining new techniques, careful layout of teaching pieces in her books, and attitude insisting violin students should have fun. Making progress and seeing her at my private lessons is something I always look forward to."
~ Kenneth Chui

"Thank you for your wonderful Absolute Beginner DVD and Violin Book 1 combo that is helping me to get started properly in learning to play the violin. It enables me to repeat brand new violin techniques over and over again until they are perfected."
~ Pete Ames

"Thank you so much for your wonderful ABCs of Violin books. They are inspiring and fun, and anyone who reads this please check them out, they are beyond awesome. Thanks again!"
~ Acqualyn, Age 17

"Our customers just love the series. I have to scramble to keep from running out!"
~ Joan Faber, buyer for Johnson String Instrument, Newton Centre, MA

"The teachers here have fallen in love with your book!"
~ Bruce Bush, Onondaga Music Service, Syracuse, NY


The ABCs of Strings & Complete Technique published by
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