Worldwide String Teachers
using ABCs of Strings and
Complete Technique Books
by Janice Tucker Rhoda

*traditional classical, suzuki, abrsm,
baroque, fiddle, jazz, rock, klezmer


Cello & Double Bass Teachers below

1) Dr. YI-HSIU LIU, D.M.A. Boston University, Concert Violinist and Violin Teacher, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN
"I highly recommend ABCs of Violin and Complete Technique for Violin to all my students and colleagues; they are wonderfully organized and are truly fun to play! My students of all ages love these great method books; they enjoy the progress along with the beautiful repertoire and always ask about the next book!"
*Yi-Hsiu performs studies and exercises from Janice Tucker Rhoda Complete Technique for Violin on YouTube
*Yi-Hsiu taught ABCs of String Orchestra and ABCs of Duets Courses at Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Massachusetts, USA.
Email: yihsiu1982@gmail.com

2) EMIL ALTSCHULER, Concert Violinist, Violin Teacher, B.M. Juilliard and M.M. Yale, Chamber and Orchestra Instructor at New England Conservatory, Tufts University and Northeastern University. Performances at Lincoln Center, Aspen Music Festival, and Castello di Galeazza. Recorded The ABCs of Violin Books 1 and 3 for publisher Carl Fischer. Studied with Dorothy DeLay and Erick Friedman. Emil also teaches beginning-level viola and piano. Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin is a foolproof method of learning the violin correctly right from the start. It's innovative, logical, easy to use, and most of all fun. I recommend it to all my students."
*Emil is the Violinist on the recordings of ABCs of Violin Book 1 and ABCs of Violin Book 3. LISTEN to Samples
Facebook Email: emilaltschuler@gmail.com

3) ALEXANDER VAVILOV, Concert Violist, Viola and Violin Teacher. B.M. and M.M. Boston Conservatory, G.D. New England Conservatory. Violist and founding member of Sheffield Chamber Players and Soundscape Visions. Performances at Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Jordan Hall. Teaches at Indian Hill Music School of Littleton, and Winchester Music School, private lessons LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola are great books with a wide selection of fun songs which are both enjoyable to play and have good pedagogical value."
*Alex is the Violist on the recordings of ABCs of Viola Book 1.
LISTEN to Samples
*Alex performs studies from Janice Tucker Rhoda Complete Technique for Viola YouTube
Website Email: a.vavilov02@gmail.com

4) SHEENA GUTIERREZ, Concert Violinist with Sphinx Virtuosi and Sotto Amore Duo, Violin Teacher in Miami, FLORIDA, USA
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Violin method books are a great example of an inspirational pedagogy work. I have been using the method books while teaching young children and adults in Miami, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts. Her books are in a logical, easy to follow order on learning the violin for adults, and kids love the popular folk tunes they've always wanted to learn! I even sometimes use them to brush up on my second position work or bowing exercises. My new students have not only made incredible progress, but they are enjoying it too! After all, the most important thing to learning the violin is to enjoy every step of the way. I highly recommend these method books for any pedagogue and to students!"

"Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Violin es un método atractivo tanto para niños como para adultos. Los libros son el gran ejemplo de un trabajo de pedagogía inspirada. Llevo usando los libros de método durante más de dos años, en la enseñanza de niños y adultos jóvenes en Miami, Florida y Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Sus libros están en una manera fácil para el aprendizaje del violín para los adultos, y los niños les encanta las canciones folclóricas populares que siempre han querido aprender! Incluso a veces los utilizan para refrescar mi segunda posición o ejercicios para el arco. Mis nuevos estudiantes no sólo han hecho un progreso incredíble, pero lo están disfrutando también! Después de todo, lo más importante para el aprendizaje del violín es disfrutar cada paso del camino. Yo recomiendo estos libros de método para cualquier pedagogo y para los estudiantes!"
*Sheena is the Violinist on the CD of ABCs of Violin Book 4 LISTEN to Samples
Facebook Email: sheena.violin@gmail.com

5) LYDIA VEILLEUX, Violin Teacher, Orchestra Program Director at Trenton Music Makers, Greater Philadelphia Area, PENNSYLVANIA, USA
"I have used the ABC of Violin series for years! Love it! It's really well thought out and the students really enjoy the repertoire!"
LinkedIn Email: lydiaveilleux@gmail.com

6) SONIA VOSKUIL, Violin Teacher, Melrose Symphony Orchestra, New England Philharmonic, former teacher of the ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner Course at Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin is the best course for my adult student classes! The books really keep the classes together. The print is large with a lot of white space - much more relaxing for beginners who need practice focusing on a staff. The pieces are classic, singable tunes, including the melodies Janice Tucker Rhoda contributes to the literature. The early introduction of duets and part playing challenges a student in a beginner class with prior experience. For private lessons or self study the points are presented clearly and supported by the ABCs of Violin DVD. As a Janice Tucker Rhoda--trained teacher, I know how the series works; both as a method and part of our musical lineage. My classes really enjoy their progress from one tune to the next!"
ABCs of Violin Course Email: sonia.voskuil@gmail.com

7) HAZEL KERR, Violin and Viola Teacher, 2003 Yamaha Scottish Instrumental Teacher of the Year Award, Angus, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM
"There are virtually no gaps to fill on completion of The ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola books before moving on to exam material -- it is the most complete and whole series that dovetails with the Associated Board of the Royal Conservatory of Music that I have come across yet. The books in this series link fluently from one to the next, making learning and teaching seamless. The ABCs of Violin Book 1 is almost like three books in one - it consists of short studies, pieces - both familiar and new, and scales. Logical step by step progressions and notation is clear. The studies consist of new or challenging concepts which are then included in the piece to follow, allowing your practice to be thorough and time efficient. Each of the books maintain this structure. The best book I have ever used - HIGHLY recommended!"

8) DONALD BECKER, M.M., Violin and Viola Teacher, Director of Suzuki Institute of Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Strings is a significant contribution to meeting the reading needs of Suzuki students for a structured approach and positive reinforcement that grows organically from the material. Our students and teachers enjoy using the ABCs books and find the original pieces by Janice Tucker Rhoda to be especially charming and musical. The ABCs of Duets for Violin adds a valuable ensemble dimension to the learning experience."
*Mr. Becker is the Violinist on The ABCs of Duets for Violin Practice CD
Email: suzukiboston@earthlink.net

9) MILKA KRALEVA (CASTRO), Director and Violin Teacher at O Sole Mio Center, her daughter BOGDANA MINDOV (KRASTEVA) is also a Violin Teacher at OSMC, Modesto, CALIFORNIA, USA
"Since the first month I arrived in North America in 2001, I have used and adore The ABCs of Violin books. There is nothing better here in the USA, and all my new students start their first lesson with the ABC's. I like everything - the collection inside and also the size of the notes and space between the songs - thanks!!!!"

10) YIANNIS CHRISTOPHIDES, Violinist & Violin Tutor, Music Teacher, Head of Music and Music Technology, Audio Engineer, London, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM
"Having been recently introduced to the ABCs of Strings methods and resources, my new students have made very swift and positive progress on the violin. Indeed, they have found their progress not only speedy but also, and most importantly, enjoyable. Janice Tucker Rhoda has done a fabulous job bringing violin tuition and learning to all tutors and students in a very accessible, informative and enjoyable format. Thoroughly recommended."
"I have been using the Janice Tucker Rhoda Complete Technique for Violin book with all my students, beginners to intermediates. It is a very useful resource that supplements the various technical aspects of learning the violin - scales, arpeggios, Studies, Left and Right Hand technique, etc. The exercises can easily be applied to the repertoire used in the lesson so that there is coherence and consistency. The book is easy to follow and logical. I have found it a very useful addition to my library of technical aspects of violin teaching and learning."
LinkedIn Email: musicatschool70@googlemail.com

11) JONATHAN GOREN, Violin Instructor, MM at James Madison University, Baltimore, MARYLAND, USA
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 has been a wonderful tool for all of my students, children and adults alike. It has fun pieces, simplified exercises, simplified note and finger patterns in various keys, and encourages note reading, rhythmic clarity, and comfort with technique. This book breaks concepts down to make them more accessible and approachable for people of all ages. I cannot wait to use more of Janice's books to help my students progress and continue to do more detailed practicing and playing, in a fun, intriguing, simplified way."
LinkedIn Email: gorenjd@dukes.jmu.edu

12) JISUN KANG, BM. Seoul National University, MM. The Juilliard School, Professional Studies degree in Orchestral Performance at Manhattan School of Music, Violinist with BeneSori String Quartet, Concertmistress of Ureuk Symphony Orchestra (NYC), violin faculty at 4Strings Music Festival , Fort Lee, NEW JERSEY, USA
"I love your ABCs of Violin. I use them for my group class and private classes. I also like the harmony for the accompaniment!"
LinkedIn Email: violin79@gmail.com

13) MANDY MYERS, Instrumental Music Teacher, North East Middle School, North East, MARYLAND, USA
"I am a clarinetist trying to improve on violin, and Complete Technique for Violin has been exactly what I was looking for to solidify my technique! I love this violin book!"
Email: ahmaruchi-turner@ccps.org

14) Dr. WEI TSUN CHANG, Professor of Violin, Tennessee Technological University, TENNESSEE, USA
"The ABCs of Strings books are fascinating! They are well organized, well thought out, and a superb choice of music in every way. I highly recommend this method to my students, student teachers as well as my colleagues. In addition, Complete Technique for Violin is superb! It is well organized, and addresses all aspects of violin technique. I assign this to my students, and recommend this book and Complete Technique for Viola to my colleagues. Brava to Janice Tucker Rhoda!"
BIO Email: WTChang@tntech.edu

15) RAPHAEL KLAYMAN, graduate of Mannes College of Music, concert violinist in USA, Europe, Asia, American Symphony Orchestra, New York Pops, performed with Tony Bennett, Rascall Flatts, Ray Charles, Regis Philbin, Clay Aiken, invited to teach Violin in Italy and China. Long Branch, NEW JERSEY, USA
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's teaching materials represent a notable addition to the pedagogical literature for early and intermediate violin training. Whether to supplant or supplement existing methods, I highly recommend that teachers take a serious look at her materials."
Website Email: violinist@rkviolin.com

16) MICHAEL WINER, BM. MM. Violinist, music educator, West Hartford, Connecticut, freelance musician throughout New England and New York, USA
"I have been using the ABCs of Strings method with my students, and I find it an invaluable resource. The beauty in Janice's collection of pieces is that it can be used as the primary material, or as a supplement to both public school and other private lesson methods. The Complete Technique for Violin book is just as valuable; not only is it a very complete collection of essential string instrument technique, but it is also full of great advice on what and how to practice and listen. Complete Technique books should be in the library of every student and teacher."
Website LinkedIn Email: mike.i.winer@gmail.com

17) Dr. CHRISTIE-KEIKO ABE, Spec.Mus.PhD, Concert Violinist, Violin Teacher & Certified Suzuki Teacher at Columbia College Chicago/Sherwood Conservatory of Music, Pianist, Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA
"I had been unsatisfied with many of the violin method books until I started using The ABCs of Violin. The book is very well summarized and I love how the topics are introduced step by step. The notes are large and easy for students to read, and they really enjoy the learning process."
Website Email: christiemusicstudio@gmail.com

18) GABRIELLE TOSCANO, M.M. Longy School of Music, B.M. SUNY Stony Brook University, Concert Violist, Violin and Viola Teacher, Framingham/Sudbury/Winchester/Weston/Lexington/Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Janice's Complete Technique for Violin and Complete Technique for Viola are a great addition to my teaching materials especially during this time of year when we are polishing up our recital pieces and are able to practice more sight reading. The ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola are a wonderful teaching tool that methodically divides up each lesson and has a realistic flow of introducing new techniques. I have used these books with beginners as well as intermediate students and have gotten excellent results. I would recommend these series of books to any teacher."
Website YouTube Email: Gabrielle.Toscano@gmail.com

19) SEAN LI CHILD, Classical Violinist & Instructor in Okotoks, ALBERTA, CANADA
"All of my students use Janice's ABCs of Violin book series. Her material is well written, progressive and a joy for students of all ages to play. Janice's Complete Technique for Violin book is comprehensive, progressive and well organized; ideal for any intermediate or advanced student. Her etudes challenge one's technique while being beautiful musically."
Email: seanlichild@live.ca

20) Dr. JOSE LEONARDI MOORE, D.M.A. University of Arizona, M.M. University of Akron, B.M. Puerto Rico Conservatory, Concert Violinist, Violin and Viola Teacher at Music and Dance Academy of Tucson, ARIZONA, USA
"My students love playing the pieces in The ABCs of Duets for Violin, especially Mary had a Little Lamb, Joy to the World and Old McDonald! They love Janice Tucker Rhoda's SHINICHI piece in this book! It is really challenging especially when we transpose the F natural to G sharp in third position! My students love composing their own cadenza as marked in the music! I started using the ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 and my students love it, too!"
BIO Email: joseleonardi@mac.com

21) SARAH MARANTO, Piano & Violin Teacher, Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner has been the most practical book I have used in my studio to help beginning violin students learn all their fundamentals. I would recommend it to anyone."
LinkedIn Email: sarahmaranto@yahoo.com

22) TOMOKO IWAMOTO, B.A. Berklee College of Music, M.M. Keio University of Japan, Classical and Jazz Violinist, Composer and Arranger for J-Way String Quartet, Mood Swings Orchestra and All-City Orchestra in Newton, Massachusetts, Violin & Viola Teacher at Brookline Music School in Brookline, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I've been using the ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola for many years. I like the variety of songs included that are appropriate for beginner students."
BIO Facebook tomoko.iwamoto@live.com

23) YOU-BIN YANG, Lecturer at Hochschule fur Musik Koln & Musikschule Stadt Monheim, Korean/German/English speaking Concert Violinist, Violin & Viola Teacher, (Cologne) KOELN, GERMANY
"ABCs of Violin & ABCs of Viola are my books of choice. They are so clear and easy to learn. My students are so happy with them. Many compliments to your brilliant works, dear Janice."
Facebook LinkedIn youbin_y@yahoo.de

24) JENAE (KESSLER) STARIKOV, M.M. in performance and pedagogy from Longy School of Music, Violin & Piano Teacher, Boston Metro, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I love the ABCs of Violin method. I've been using it for years for students of all ages. There is a lot of variety in the repertoire, and it makes learning the violin fun and satisfying for students."
Facebook jenaek@gmail.com

25) SHELBY TREVOR, B.M., G.P.D. Longy School of Music, Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher at Suzuki School of Newton & Norfolk School of Music, travels to students homes Greater Boston area, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I find the ABCs of Strings Method books very helpful for a progressive learning curve in my students. They engage students with melodies they can enjoy, which is sometimes the most important ingredient to success in their development, as well as giving students the technical tools to advance to their next level."
Facebook shelbytrevor@gmail.com

26) DEBORAH BOYKAN, B.M. Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Concert Violinist and Violin and Viola Teacher, Belmont, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I've been teaching the ABCs of Strings to both children and adults for several years and have found the books to be informative, fun and motivating for a wide variety of students. Highly recommended."

27) CHRISTY MITCHELL, M.M., Music Specialist at Kingsley Montessori School and Violin Teacher at Brookline Adult Education Center, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I always use ABCs of Violin in my violin classes. The format is so easy for adult beginners to understand and the pieces are always fun to play!"

28) STANISLAV ANTONEVICH, M.M. and Artist Diploma, Longy School of Music, Concert Violinist, English and Russian speaking Violin Teacher, Music Director/Conductor of Worcester Youth Preparatory Orchestras, Worcester, MA, Founder and Director of Stanislav Antonevich Violin Studio, Newton, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I am very happy with the ABCs of String Orchestra by Janice Tucker Rhoda for my young orchestra players! It is a perfect book for a beginning string ensemble, with a wonderful repertoire. Students have lots of fun with the arrangements, while learning important orchestral skills."
Facebook Email: stanislav.antonevich@gmail.com

29) KASIA HAROLDSEN, B.M., Violin, Viola, Piano Teacher, Spokane, WASHINGTON, USA
"I have been using the ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola series in my teaching and like it very much. I have utilized it successfully instructing my own children, and find it very easy to teach all children using this method. Adults (seniors in this case) as well, find it so easy to read and learn from. I like that it includes different styles of pieces! Thank you for this great series :-)"
Website Facebook Email: kjoasia59@gmail.com

30) UDESHI HARGETT, Professional Violinist & Violin Teacher, NORTH CAROLINA, USA
"I continue to highly recommend Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Violin books to my students because they are such user-friendly books; very easy to learn from. The notes are clear and large, and written in a format that is easy for both children and adults to grasp. They are also great for basic technique building with the left hand, and learning proper bow strokes with the right hand. ABCs of Violin Book 4 is the best book for learning 2nd Position and 3rd Position with easy melodies involving shifting. My students especially like the clear explanations, and they tell me the CD that comes with the book is enjoyable while using it at home during practice sessions. This book provides valuable warm up exercises, scales and arpeggios that are important for enthusiastic students. My students enjoy learning from your books. Thank you, Janice!"
Facebook Email: wilsonviolinist@gmail.com

31) SONIA DENG, Violin and Viola teacher, versatile concert musician, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin and The ABCs of Viola is a great method for learners of all ages. I have found through teaching that students can easily follow the material while building a solid base very quickly. On top of the music that everyone will enjoy, these books also contain fundamentals and technique building materials that are missing in some other method books. It makes learning fun and beautiful music much easier."
LinkedIn Email: shonegerr@gmail.com

32) HELENA GELFOR, Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher, fluent in Russian and English, San Jose, CALIFORNIA, USA
"I am so pleased with the ABCs of Violin; the materials are so well laid out, in a logical and easy to follow order! I am using and very much enjoying the materials, and the kids love it too! I especially love it that the piano accompaniment sheets are on the CD! Thank you very much for all your wonderful work!"
Facebook Email: helena.gelfor@yahoo.com

33) BERNADETTE BAKER, Violin Teacher, Founder and Manager of Operatic Strings, Parkdale, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA
"As another former student of the late and beloved Eric Rosenblith, I was looking forward to incorporating Janice's books, The ABCs of Violin, into my pedagogy. Her books have really enhanced my students' learning, and they were very easy to assimilate. My older students have especially benefitted from the common-sense approach. There are so many things that they can learn even from just one of Janice's small warm-up exercises!"
LinkedIn Facebook Email: bernadettebaker@gmail.com

34) AENEA M. KEYES, Violinist with MusicAEterna Trio, Composer, Violin Teacher at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, CALIFORNIA, USA
"I have included Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Violin in my students' curriculum for over a decade. I appreciate the clear, concise exercises presented alongside pieces that are a pleasure for my students to perform: thank you, Janice!"
LinkedIn Email: aeneausa@mac.com

35) LOUIS RYAN LEE, speaks English, Malay, Dusun, Kadazan, Chinese, Violin Teacher in Petaling Jaya, Tambunan, SABAH, MALAYSIA
"I'm using your ABCs of Violin books to teach my students; it's easy and makes my students improve very much. Thanks for your books."
Email: jjcson_ryan90@yahoo.com

36) RAFAEL DENGRA, Concertista/Profesor de Violín, BARCELONA, SPAIN
"The ABCs of Violin is a very attractive method for both children and adults. I have been using this method for two years and I find it is a very complete and structured method. The exercises and songs are very lyrical. The students can develop gradually with left hand technique in a very constructive way. They also begin learning and working with basic bow strokes in book 1 and advance well with bowing techniques through the books. I recommend to all teachers to use this method and verify its great pedagogical value."

"The ABCs of Violin es un método atractivo tanto para niños como para adultos. Llevo dos años usando este método y lo encuentro muy completo y bien estructurado. Los ejercicios y canciones son muy líricas. Los estudiantes desarrollan una técnica de la mano izquierda gradual y eficaz. Pero también desde el primer libro empiezan a aprender y trabajar los golpes de arco básicos. Recomiendo utilizar este método a todos los profesores y comprobar ellos mismos su gran valor pedagógico."
YouTube Facebook Email: rafaeldengra@hotmail.com

37) LEWIS FLORES, Professor of Violin, Conductor of the Juan Jose Landaeta Chamber Orchestra, Violinist with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra from the System of Orchestras in VENEZUELA
"The ABCs of Violin is an excellent series and a great supplement to use for children and adults who are learning to play the violin. The concepts are presented with exercises that are fun and enjoyable for the students. It is an outstanding instructional tool!"
LEWIS FLORES, Profesor de Violín, Director de la Orquesta de Camara Juan Jose Landaeta, Violinista de la Orquesta Sinfonica Simon Bolivar perteneciente al Sistema de Orquestas en VENEZUELA
"The ABCs of Violin (El ABC para Violín) es una excelente serie y un Metodo de gran utilidad, para niños y adultos que están aprendiendo a tocar el violín. Los conceptos se presentan con ejercicios que son divertidos y agradables para los estudiantes. Es una herramienta de enseñanza excelente!"
LinkedIn Facebook YouTube lewisfloresmusic@yahoo.com

38) DAVID LAUBHEIMER, Columbia/Juilliard/Binghamton-Guarnieri trained, performs in small ensembles and orchestras, used ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola books with Students who are now in the Chicago Symphony and NYC as freelancers, Violin, Viola & Musicianship Teacher in Central and Northern FLORIDA, USA
Email: violiniste48@aim.com

39) EDMUNDO RAMIREZ, B.M. NEC, M.M. Juilliard, Concert Violist/Violinist/Viola D'Amore/Teacher in New York City, NEW YORK, USA, Xalapa Veracruz, MEXICO and Frankfurt, GERMANY
"Over the past ten years I have been consistently using Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Strings books to teach violin, viola and string orchestra in several schools and my private studio in New York City and throughout Latin America. The information, progression of the materials and the pieces in the book are helping my students to develop their technique, repertoire and general skills. My students are excelling while having fun during the process of learning. I highly recommend Janice Tucker Rhoda's books; they will strengthen the development of the students in any program and studio."

40) MARY-ELIZABETH BROWN, M.M., college music professor, and private Violin and Viola Teacher, Evanston, ILLINOIS, USA
"I highly recommend The ABCs of Violin. I have been using all the books for private students, and I have seen great results in their mastery - a wonderful pedagogical method!"
Facebook Email: elizbrown20@gmail.com

41) OLGA CACEANOVA, originally from Chișinau, Moldova, graduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory and New England Conservatory, winner of prestigious competitions, former member of Kremlin Chamber Orchestra, managed by Manhattan Music Ensemble, Violin Teacher in New York, NEW YORK and Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Facebook Email: olgakachanova@gmail.com

42) DIEGO SILVA ARAUJO, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Violinist in Orquestra Sinfônica da UFRN, Violin Teacher in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, BRAZIL

43) TIAGO NETO, PhD, Concert Violinist and Violin Teacher, LISBON, PORTUGAL
ABCs of Violin Teacher Training course with Janice Tucker Rhoda
Bio YouTube Email: netotiago@hotmail.com

44) Dr. KENNETH SARCH, D.M.A., Professor of Violin at Lycoming College, Conductor and Concertmaster of Lycoming College Community Orchestra, former Professor of Violin and Viola Mansfield University, Conductor of Mansfield University String Orchestra, Co-author of the ASTA Dictionary of Bowing and Pizzicato Terms and The Twentieth Century Violin, Author of String Orchestra music published by KJOS and LUDWIG MASTER Publishers, two-time Fulbright Scholar, USA Musical Ambassador to Panama, Williamsport, PENNSYLVANIA, USA
"It is my pleasure to recommend Janice Tucker Rhoda's violin method The ABCs of Violin. The 5 books in the method contain excellent exercise and study material to learn the violin basics from the beginning. What pleases me the most is the variety of music with the introduction of the basic violin techniques in a well organized format presented in larger than normal print yet in a pedagogically serious way without seeming childish or demeaning. No method can substitute for the benefit of a fine teacher, but this method provides teachers with excellent developmental exercises and technique building material, which includes etudes, scales and studies along with a really fine variety of both classical themes and folk and fiddle tunes. Although Book 3 is designated as "Advanced", Book 4 as "More Advanced" and Book 5 as "Budding Virtuoso", the method actually covers the development from the absolute beginner through the Intermediate stage. The 5 books introduce the first three positions, techniques such as trills, shifting, double stops, spiccato, detache and slurs, harmonics, scales and arpeggios, and pizzicato. Solo pieces range from Gregorian chant, Mozart and Bach to Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Franck and Sibelius to folk music and fiddle tunes, including original music and studies composed by the author. This method teaches the student how to read music and some basic theory including intervals, and scale forms. I consider Janice Tucker Rhoda's method to be a valuable violin teaching method that provides the beginner and developing student a comprehensive and exciting journey in which to explore and master the fundamentals of playing the violin."
Life of a Violinist - YouTube Email: ksarch@verizon.net

45) RICHARD TWENEY, B.M., English and French speaking Violin and Viola Teacher, Cobourg, ONTARIO, CANADA
"I use ABCs of Violin and Viola for both children and adults, and find that it covers both groups well. There is a variety of material and styles, and it is easy to navigate your way through the book. The system of line numberings makes it easy to reference between the various techniques being taught, and the warm-ups provided for each main piece allow material to be introduced gradually. The availability of an orchestral scoring of the material is useful in forming up small groups for the spring recital season."
Email: richard@violinlessonsnorthumberland.ca

46) LORINDA RADIGONDA, Violin Teacher at Exeter Music Violin Studio in NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA
"All my students enjoy using the ABCs of Violin! I have been using them for years!"
Facebook Email: LorindaRadigonda@comcast.net

47) RIGO MURILLO, University of Southern Mississippi, Concert Violinist, Violin Teacher at Suzuki Institute of Dallas, Dallas, TEXAS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin is one of the best supplements I use for my young violin students all the time. Its well-known and original piece set makes it great for introducing reading to my youngest students. Its well-designed sequence of pieces from beginning to end is refreshing and provides slightly-larger print for easiness. It's my first beginning violin book to go to after students have learned the basic Suzuki repertoire by ear. I highly recommend The ABCs of Violin book series as top-of-the-list, must-have material to all string teachers."
Website Email: violinist@rigomurillo.com

48) ALICE ST. CLAIR, New England Conservatory and Berklee graduate, Violin, Viola & Cello Teacher, Founder & Director of Eastport Strings, Eastport, MAINE, USA
"I love the ABCs of Strings books. They partner very well with other methods. I believe PLAY time with many fun pieces, intensive practice skills and scales is important, and the collection helps with that plus provides great note reading study."
Facebook Email: alice@schuth.com

49) KATHERINE MOLLER, McGill University graduate, English and French speaking Fiddle Teacher and Performer specializing in Celtic and Maritime music, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA
"I teach with The ABCs of Violin because of the logical order in which the material is presented. I like the mix of exercises and melodies in the same book."
Website Facebook

50) HARRIS SHILAKOWSKY, M.M., Professor of Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano, ShilakowskyArts.com After School Programs, Easton, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I use The ABCs of Strings series with my students and find it to be a great teaching resource!"
Website Email: violin@ShilakowskyArts.com

51) Dr. HSIN-LIN TSAI, D.M.A., Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Janice has incorporated various folk songs from different cultural backgrounds into her books, which is an excellent way to introduce diversity through music to a beginner violinist. They are beautiful and fun! The series is well planned, completed with scale exercises, basic theory worksheets, and practice charts! I highly recommend it!"

52) Dr. MIGUEL PEREZ-ESPEJO CARDENAS, D.M.A., Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher; Visiting Senior Instructor Bridgewater State College, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I find that The ABCs of Violin is among the best methods to learn how to play the instrument. It is written with great clarity, the sequence of exercises and music is carefully planned, and the result is that students enjoy learning well and fast! I highly recommend it!"
Website Email: migueltononi@hotmail.com

53) SARA MATAYOSHI, Violinist in Knoxsville Symphony Orchestra, Violin Teacher and Forrest Yoga Teacher, TENNESSEE, USA
"My students love the ABCs of Violin! The repertoire appeals to all age groups and tastes while simultaneously expanding the student's technique and theory in a very friendly and approachable way. I highly recommend these books!"
*Janice Tucker Rhoda's Teaching Assistant in previous ABCs of Violin classes at Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Massachusetts.
Email: smyoshi@gmail.com

54) RUTH BRONS, M.M., Violin and Viola Teacher, Suzuki Violin Program Coordinator and Teacher, Cali School of Music Center for the Preparatory Arts, Montclair State University, Developer of the patented Things 4 Strings bow hold accessories for beginners, Montclair, NEW JERSEY, USA
"The ABCs of Strings beautifully meets the reading practice for our Suzuki students, as it logically fits into the structure of our approach. Our students and teachers especially enjoy playing and exploring the lovely music in the books!"
Email: info@things4strings.com

55) LISA BROOKE, Concert Violinist/Traditional & Baroque Violin and Viola Teacher, Founder and artistic director of Très Très Maresienne, Concertmaster New England Classical Singers, Principal Second Violin of Coro Allegro, Concertmistress for Liza Minnelli and Jethro Tull, toured with Barbra Streisand, performs with Boston Ballet, Landmarks Orchestra, B.F.A. SUNY Purchase, Manhattan School of Music Pre-college, Vienna Conservatory in youth, Co-directed North Shore Youth Symphony Orchestra's Chamber music program, Salem Studio/North Shore area, teaches Violin at Salem State University and Ipswich High School, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I'm enjoying using The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner with students. It has excellent pacing, and is methodical for students with all ranges of abilities and talent. Well thought out progression."
Email: lisabrookevln@gmail.com 1-978-744-1119

56) JIM EDWARDS, Violin and Viola Teacher at Lightshine Musik, former Virginia Beach Symphony, Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA, USA
"The ABCs of Strings books have prompted me to change the way I teach Violin and Viola. The students respond very well to the way each concept is presented."
LinkedIn Email: LightshineJim@gmail.com

57) ELICIA BURTON, Violin and Fiddle Teacher, Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA, USA
"The ABCs of Violin method books are fun for my students! They are encouraged to keep learning the violin and NOT quit!"
Email: ebfiddler@sbcglobal.net

58) SIRI SMEDVIG, Concord Orchestra concertmaster, Concert Violinist/Artist and Violin and Piano Teacher, Concord, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Bravo on your ABCs of Violin series! I use the books successfully in my private studio."
Email: sreidunn@aol.com

"The ABCs of Violin is a simple and elegant way to have fun with music. Extremely educational for students yet in such a way that they do not get overloaded with information. Thanks again for the ABCs."

60) PETER HUGHES, performing artist and private Violin and Viola Teacher, Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"A few of my students just started using the ABCs of Violin and Viola books--and I will tell you, the material is so much fun! I really appreciate the delightful array of tunes and studies. Thank-you so much! In the last ten years of teaching, I have yet to find a more enjoyable resource for my students."

61) EMILY MOORE, B.M., Violin Teacher, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA
"After participating in Janice's ABCs of String Teaching course, I have a whole new toolbox of techniques to draw from when teaching my students. Her class was well thought out, enjoyable and extremely beneficial to me as a teacher. I highly recommend it to anyone working with beginning violin students!"
Website Facebook Email: mooremily@gmail.com

62) MORGAN EVANS-WEILER, B.M., Classical/Fiddle/Jazz/Swing/Folk Violin Teacher and Performer, Mass Ave Music, Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Strings books are a great comprehensive teaching tool. My students can grasp all of the techniques easily."
Email: morgan.evans.weiler@gmail.com

63) ALEKSANDRA LABINSKA, D.M.A. Boston University, former Violin Teacher at Boston Center for Adult Education, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"These wonderful method books have sparked a great violin interest in my students. It's been a pleasure to see them develop and absorb knowledge from The ABCs of Violin. I highly recommend it to every string teacher."
LinkedIn Email: a_labinska@hotmail.com

64) LARRY YOUNG, B.A., certified F.M. Alexander Technique teacher, protege of David Douglass early violin performance specialist, Concert Fiddler, Violin and Fiddle Teacher, Manchester, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"My students enjoy the ABCs of Strings series - they love the melodies! As a teacher I appreciate the way new concepts are explained clearly and in a logical sequence."
Email: larrypromusica@hotmail.com

65) RALUCA DUMITRACHE, M.M., Concert Violinist and Violin Teacher at Concord Conservatory of Music and teaches privately in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I have been using the ABCs of Violin Method for several years and I fully recommend it as a fun and efficient learning method for both children and adults. The pace of learning feels easy and the progress is fast!"
LinkedIn YouTube Email: raludx@gmail.com

66) MICHELE CRONIN, Violin Teacher and owner of Cronin Violin Studio, Atkinson, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA
"I just started using your Complete Technique for Violin book with my students last week! A wonderful reference providing exercises, musical studies and so much more! Thank you so much for this very helpful resource, Janice!!"

67) CHRIS MANDELL, M.Ed., Certified Suzuki Violin Teacher, West Roxbury, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Janice's ABCs of Violin carefully sequenced introduction of fingerings, strings, note values, bowings, and scales will have the beginning violinist playing pieces such as Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," Dvorak's "New World Symphony," and Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" in no time at all. I use many of the pieces in this book as a valuable supplement to the Suzuki repertoire I teach my students. Highly recommended!"
Email: birdsongviolin@gmail.com

68) SHERYL LAFAYETTE, Suzuki Violin and Viola Specialist, Concord, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin is a wonderful supplement to the Suzuki literature for my students. The blend of technique snippets, fun pieces and duets greatly enhances their learning experience. I highly recommend it as a reading book for them!"

69) ALICE LASKY, B.M., Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher, Walnut Creek near San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, USA
"I have taught violin for over 30 years to students of all ages. The ABCs of Violin books work well for individual lessons as well as small group lessons. I also use them as a supplement to the Suzuki violin books. The children like the variety of songs and I think the books are laid out in a logical way. The notes and rhythms are presented clearly and my students enjoy themselves as their techniques improve."
Email: alice4strings@yahoo.com

70) Dr. LILIT MURADYAN, D.M.A. Boston University, Russian and Armenian speaking Violin and Viola Teacher, Boston Arts Academy Strings Outreach Program, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"The ABCs of Violin and ABCs of Viola are by far one of the most successful method book series I have used. The books include great selections of pieces and excellent warm ups. I regularly use them in my classes and get great feedback from my students, therefore I highly recommend it to anyone teaching both group classes and private lessons."
LinkedIn Email: lilmuradyan@yahoo.com

71) MEREDITH COOPER, Violin and Viola Teacher, , Community School of Music at Meredith College, former Boston Center for Adult Education, former Director of the New School of Music, Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA, USA
"This ABCs of Viola book is great! The perfect tool with its simple melodies appropriate for adults as well as children. I love the harmonies (duets) and the warmups are excellent preparation for playing each piece. Students learn to read easily."
LinkedIn Email: mercooper@hotmail.com

72) LESLIE LEVI, Artist Diploma candidate Boston University, Concert Violinist, English and French speaking Violin Teacher, Brookline, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
*Janice Tucker Rhoda's former Teaching Assistant in ABCs of Violin classes at Cambridge Center for Adult Education, MA.
Email: leslie.levi@wanadoo.fr

73) YAEKO MIRANDA ELMALEH, Concert Violinist/Classical and Klezmer Violin Teacher, Watertown/Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Website Email: yaekoviolin@gmail.com

74) NORALEE WALKER, M.M. Yale School of Music, Concert Violist/Violin and Viola Teacher at Winchester Community Music School, West Concord, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Facebook Email: noraleewalker@yahoo.com

75) AIMEE MORRILL BRIANT, Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher, owner of Crescendo Suzuki Studio Facebook Randolph, NEW JERSEY, USA
Email: aimeebriant@gmail.com

76) MARGARET PERSON BLICKENDERFER, New England Conservatory graduate, String Teacher Specialist K-8 in Hunterdon County, NEW JERSEY, USA
Email: kmblickenderfer7@hotmail.com

77) TRISH GRUSWITZ, Violin, Viola & Piano Teacher, owner of Olive Tree Music Studio, locations in Morristown, Verona, Andover, Flemington, Montclair, NEW JERSEY, USA
Email: tricia@olivetreemusicstudio.com

78) MIMI BUTLER, Author of Private Music Studio Guides and Clinician for String Teachers, B.M. Music Ed, Violin/Viola Teacher, Haddonfield, NEW JERSEY, USA

79) LIS CRAFT, B.A., B.M., Violin Teacher and Composer, Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Email: elisabeth.craft@gmail.com

80) EILIS CREAN, only student of the legendary Eddie Kelly of Ireland, teacher of East Galway style of traditional Irish fiddle-playing, Fiddle/Mandolin/Banjo/Piano Teacher, Nashville, TENNESSEE, USA
"Who couldn't love the ABCs of Violin? It's terrific!"

81) Dr. JAYA VARMA, D.M.A. University of Miami, Concert Violinist/Violin Teacher, taught ABCs of Violin Duets Course, Janice Tucker Rhoda's former Teaching Assistant at Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Massachusetts, former Violin Teacher in El Sistema Program at New England Conservatory's Conservatory Lab Charter School, Manager of Musician Advancement Activities for New World Symphony, Houston, TEXAS, USA
Website LinkedIn Email: jayakvarma@gmail.com

82) SOPHIA YURINA, M.M. Longy School of Music, Concert Violinist, English and Russian speaking Violin and Piano Teacher, Wellesley School of Music, Rivers Conservatory of Music, Greater Boston area and Revere, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
*Janice Tucker Rhoda's former Teaching Assistant in ABCs of Violin classes at Cambridge Center for Adult Education, MA.
Email: yasonka00@yahoo.com

83) LORAINE PLANTE, owner of The Music Planet offering Violin, Viola and Cello lessons, Riverside, CALIFORNIA, USA
"We highly recommend ABCs of Violin, ABCs of Viola and ABCs of Cello to all our students. We have seen our students progress and retain what they have learned easily. Thank you, Janice!" Email: Music@themusikplant.com

84) TRACY MCMONAGLE SPARKS, B.A. in Music Therapy and Performance, B.A. with California Clear Teaching Credential, Concert Cellist and Cello and Violin Teacher, St. Andrew's Music Academy, Santa Maria, CALIFORNIA, USA
"I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your series! I use the books for both cello and violin students! Keep up the great work!" Facebook sparklesalot2@gmail.com

85) KIM OSBORNE SALISTEAN, Master of Music, and Bachelor of Music Education from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Violinist in Summit String Quartet, Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, Omaha Symphony Orchestra, Violin teacher, Lincoln, NEBRASKA, USA

"I highly recommend Janice Tucker Rhoda's The ABCs of Violin.  The books are very well organized and present techniques in a well thought out order. I use the books as an addition to other method books and I find the students love the melodies and the piano accompaniments make me smile. Book 3 introduces third position in a logical and fun way (my students love the glissandos!) and they are really ready for more advanced position studies after this book. I have recommended these books to other teacher friends." ksalistean@aol.com

86) ELYSE JACOBSON, Concert Violinist and Violin Teacher, B.Mus. in Violin Performance, Assistant Concertmaster of the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Violinist in Black Dog String Quartet and Allegra Chamber Orchestra. Performed with Rod Stewart, Michael Buble, Kanye West, and many others. VANCOUVER, CANADA
"I use the ABCs of Violin series with all of my beginning students, and have been doing so for over a decade. I find the books to be well laid out, comprehensive, and fun for students of all ages." Facebook


87) Dr. GREG HAMILTON, D.M.A., Professor of Cello and Double Bass, Concordia College, Moorhead, MINNESOTA, USA
"I LOVE the ABCs of Cello and ABCs of Bass books! They are so clear and uncluttered (unlike so many current books) with large type, plenty of space between the lines and pieces, organized pedagogical goals, and helpful hints mixed in. I especially enjoy the mix of well-known tunes, important classical melodies, and Ms. Rhoda's original songs. This is the first source I go to when I teach a new student! I know he or she would not be intimidated with this volume (Book 1) and will enjoy the learning process without being overwhelmed."
*Professor Hamilton performs studies from Janice Tucker Rhoda Complete Technique for Cello on YouTube
BIO Email: ghamilto@cord.edu

88) TANYA REMENIKOVA, Professor of Cello, School of Music at University of Minnesota, MINNESOTA, USA
"Complete Technique for Cello and ABCs of Cello are an excellent source for teaching cello students in comprehensive, well organized fashion, as well as pedagogy courses."
BIO Email: remen001@umn.edu

89) IRINA CHIRKOVA, M.M., Concert Cellist in Celine Dion Orchestra, performed for the president, and Cello Teacher, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA
"The ABCs of Cello for the Absolute Beginner is one of the most comprehensive cello beginners' books I've seen in the US. The great choice of popular melodies combined with the author's own compositions, intertwined with all necessary technical knowledge each student needs and loves learning, makes it a truly outstanding method book! I use it and will be using it all the time with beginners of any age."
Website Email: info@mftpa.com

90) IGNACY GAYDAMOVICH (GRZELAZKA), M.A. Chopin Academy, M.M. Texas Christian University, G.P.D. Boston Conservatory, Concert Cellist and Cello Teacher, faculty at TCU, winner of international prizes and awards, performs in Europe and USA. Soloist with orchestras in El Paso, TX and Durango, CO. Lives in TEXAS, USA
"I highly recommend the ABCs of Cello to all my cello students. They are great books covering all levels of development for beginners and intermediate students. Wonderful melodies make the lessons a lot of fun."
*Ignacy is the Cellist on the CD of The ABCs of Cello Book 2. LISTEN to Samples
Website Email: ignacy@gaydamovich.com

91) SILAS DE OLIVEIRA, Brazilian/American Concert Cellist in New England String Ensemble, Boston String Players, MITSPO, UMass Boston Orchestra, El Sistema Somerville, English, Portuguese, Spanish speaking Cello and Double Bass Teacher, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"If you have been looking for a book that will be self-explanatory, well diverse on its techniques and with mathematically and physically correct fingerings, Janice Tucker Rhoda has delivered on the Complete Technique for Cello book. The system she uses not only helps with playing techniques, but also note reading and clef understanding is clean and straight forward. I have been using this book as part of my student's practice and sight reading. I highly recommend this book because it will help you and your students have a strong lesson and practice. This book will bring a new dimension to your lessons and to your own practice."
Email: Cellistsilas@aol.com

92) NICOLETTA PINTOR, Professore di Violoncello/Cello Teacher at Conservatorio di Musica di Cagliari and professional performer, Cagliari, Sardegna, ITALY
"I really love Janice Tucker Rhoda's method books because The ABCs of Cello is a very nice way to spend hours with my pupils; they can learn and improve with lots of fun and enthusiasm! Great work!"
"Amo davvero i libri del metodo di Janice Tucker Rhoda poiché The ABCs of Cello é un modo molto bello per trascorrere ore con i miei alunni; essi possono imparare e migliorare divertendosi molto ed con entusiasmo! Un grande lavoro!"
Facebook Email: nicoletta.pintor@libero.it

93) Dr. YOUNG CHUL CHOE, D.M.A., Conductor/Concert Cellist/Cello Teacher, Artistic Director of Arirang World Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor of Camerata Seoul Ensemble and Korea Christian Orchestra, Conducting faculty of the Kyunghee University, Principal Guest Conductor of HA Multikulturelles Orchestra of Germany, President of Cello Society of Korea, ABCs of Strings Cello Teacher Trainer, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

94) SIMON LINN-GERSTEIN, M.M. Longy School of Music of Bard College 2013, B.A. in Music from Haverford College 2009, Concert Cellist/Cello Teacher, Salem, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"It has been a pleasure to work from the ABCs of Strings books with my cello students. They are wonderful books and such a great resource to the string community."
Website Email: slinnger@gmail.com 1-734-255-7339

95) CHARLENE LEDOUX, B.A., AA-Music, CMP-bd member NHASTA, cellist Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra in N. Andover, MA, Fitchburg State College Chamber Group, Charlaurie Cello Duet ensemble, Concert Cellist/Cello Teacher, southern NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA
"I love Janice Tucker Rhoda's method books because they are easy to follow. As a cello teacher and member of the American String Teachers Association, I have reviewed many method books, and found Janice's books to be a fun, organized, "no frills" book to offer my students. The students enjoy being able to play familiar songs right from the "get go". Many method books are so cluttered with information the student has a difficult time focusing on the lesson and just ends up very confused. The ABCs of Cello series of method books are excellent books for every level, they progress nicely through the positions and move the student smoothly through their musical endeavors."

96) CHERYL CAMPBELL, Soloist and Cellist with Cape Ann Symphony, Salem Philharmonic, Symphony by the Sea, Melrose Symphony, Cello Teacher in Marblehead, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"I am thrilled with your cello books. I use them exclusively for beginners; both kids and adults. Lots of hard work on the books on your part. They will be used by teachers well into the future."

97) MIRIAM SHAMES, Yale, M.M. Juilliard, Seattle Cello Teaching Studio, all ages/levels, Seattle, WASHINGTON, USA
"I love the ABCs of Cello. The books are printed in large type with plenty of extra space. And they provide a terrific and logical progression of technical and musical skills, new material to supplement the Suzuki repertoire, and works equally well for kids and adults. Thank you!"
Email: miriamshames@mac.com

98) ELIZABETH KINNEY, Concert Cellist/Private Cello Teacher, Cellist with Greece, Brighton & Genesee Symphony Orchestras & URMC Orchestra, Rochester, NEW YORK, USA
Former teacher & performer based in Sudbury, Massachusetts, founding member & cellist with New Philharmonia Orchestra for first 16 seasons, cellist with Sudbury Savoyards & Sudbury Valley String Quartet, MITSPO, Mercury Orchestra, Concord Hill Musicians & Boston Chamber Ensembles
"I have loved using the ABCs of Cello books with my elementary and middle school cello students for over a decade now! They have proven to be a wonderful supplement to the early Suzuki Cello books and give my students clear explanations of early shifting & much-needed added experience with 2nd & 3rd position. The many accessible, fun and/or ethnic short pieces included in ABCs of Cello Books 1, 2 & 3 truly add enjoyment and interest to my students' first few years of learning to play the cello. They are always eager to perform them! Hatikvah became the signature piece for a couple of my elementary cello students while they were attending Hebrew school in preparation for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah; we found it accidentally in the ABCs of Cello books! It is great to have such variety of styles & tunes so readily available and logically paced in these volumes." Facebook

99) Dr. MING-HUI LIN, D.M.A. Boston University, G.D.P. Peabody Conservatory, B.M. Taipei National University of the Arts, Cellist in New England String Quartet, Cello and Piano Teacher, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Janice incorporated folk songs and popular melodies from different cultures into her ABCs of Cello books, which helps beginner cellists recognize the tunes and make them interested! The series is well organized and my students enjoy it a lot. I highly recommend it!"
Website LinkedIn Email: contact@minghuilin.com

100) ELEANOR BLAKE, B.M. Concert Cellist and Cello Teacher, Boston, MA; Suzuki Cello Instructor, Milford, MA, and Whitinsville Christian School, Northbridge, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"As a certified Suzuki Cello instructor, I have found The ABCs of Cello to be a fabulous enhancement to the Suzuki Pedagogy. Janice Tucker Rhoda's choice of familiar tunes along with her own compositions create a learning environment which students find engaging as well as enjoyable. I would recommend the use of The ABCs of Cello to any teacher, to enhance the learning experience of students both young and old."
LinkedIn Email: eleanorcello@aol.com

101) ALICE ST. CLAIR, New England Conservatory and Berklee graduate, Violin, Viola & Cello Teacher, Founder & Director of Eastport Strings, MAINE, USA
"I love the ABCs of Strings books. They partner very well with other methods. I believe PLAY time with many fun pieces, intensive practice skills and scales is important, and the collection helps with that plus provides great note reading study."
Facebook Email: alice@schuth.com

102) Dr. NARA SHAHBAZYAN, D.M.A. Concert Cellist and Cello Teacher at Brookline Music School, Brookline, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Email: shaname@bu.edu

103) ROB BETHEL, B.M., Improvisational Cellist and Cello Teacher, owner Yesterday Service sheet music, Somerville, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
*Rob is the cellist on the CD of ABCs of Cello Book 1.
"The ABCs of Cello's appealing melodies and exercises keep teachers and students coming back for more. A pleasure to use!"

104) TRACY MCMONAGLE SPARKS, B.A. in Music Therapy and Performance, B.A. with California Clear Teaching Credential, Concert Cellist and Cello and Violin Teacher, St. Andrew's Music Academy, Santa Maria, CALIFORNIA, USA
"I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your series! I use the books for both cello and violin students! Keep up the great work!" Facebook sparklesalot2@gmail.com

105) CYNTHIA FORBES, Concert Cellist and Cello Teacher at Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Email: cynthia-61@comcast.net


106) SUSAN HAGEN, B.M. & M.M. Boston University, Principal Double Bass Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, Substitute with Boston Symphony & Boston Pops Orchestras, Bass Faculty Berklee College of Music, MASSACHUSETTS
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Bass books are a fabulous way to work with my younger students. The books teach technique while still being fun. Students have a great sense of accomplishment while using these books because the tasks are manageable within a week - and that feeling keeps students excited and engaged."
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's Complete Technique for Double Bass book is a great addition to the double bass pedagogy. It can be used in conjunction with so much other music. The drills, exercises, and solos are fresh and new. I especially like that she incorporates bow skills at the same time as left hand technique." Email: susanhagenbass@gmail.com Website YouTube

107) NANCY KIDD, B.M. NEC, Advanced Certificate at The Juilliard School, Musikgarten - Certified Teacher Music Together, Double Bass Teacher and Performer, teaches at Brown University, Bassist in Rhode Island Philharmonic, former Principal Bassist of Albany Symphony Orchestra, Fitchburg, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Bass books are an outstanding way to start beginning bass players of all ages. It's fun, familiar tunes, mixed with helpful exercises, keep students progressing quickly while also keeping their interest. It is especially helpful for young beginners, as there is no other series out there that is both effective and engaging for them. I highly recommend the ABCs of Bass books."
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's Complete Technique for Double Bass, Book 1 is an excellent companion to The ABCs of Bass Books 1 and 2. It is very thorough and the many exercises are engaging. I especially appreciate the use, and definitions, of so many different musical terms (i.e. cantabile, dolce, maestoso, etc.) in the wonderful studies. It adds an extra element not usually found in technique books."
*Double Bassist on the CD of ABCs of Bass Book 1
Email: kidd_nancy@hotmail.com

108) Dr. DAVID BALLAM, Double Bass Professor at Auburn University - Goodwin Hall, former Teaching Assistant to Professor DaXun Zhang at University of Texas - Butler School of Music, former Double Bass Teacher for the University of Texas String Project, former Bassist with the Austin Symphony Orchestra and Austin Lyric Opera. Founding member of Austin period-instrument group, Ensemble Settecento. Presented clinics at the 2011 International Society of Bassists Convention in San Francisco on the topic of studio teaching. Private Studio in Auburn, ALABAMA, USA
"My youngest students enjoy using The ABCs of Bass. I'm very pleased with the repertoire choices."
Complete Technique for Double Bass, Book 1 by Janice Tucker Rhoda is a welcome addition to the growing collection of pedagogical books for the double bass. Many will find this book very useful as a supplement or companion to ABCs of Bass Books 1 and 2 by Rhoda (also published by Carl Fischer). Overall, this is a very fine method which I greatly enjoy and fills in the appropriate preparation and exercises for developing bowing skills with a sequenced approach to playing in all positions from half-position through thumb position at the octave harmonic."
LinkedIn Email: david@bass-studio.com

109) JEREMY ATTANASEO, B.M., M.M. DePaul University, Professor of Bass at Bradley University and Harper University, Assistant Principal of Elgin Symphony Orchestra and Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, alternate in Chicago Symphony, Chicago area, ILLINOIS, USA
"I've been using the ABCs of Bass Book 1 for ALL of my beginner students for a few years and they LOVE it! It's very progressive in terms of the bowing technique and it really solidifies first position all at the same time. I've convinced a colleague of mine to start incorporating this book series into his teaching and he has had great results as well. Two of my students are on ABCs of Bass Book 2 and it's even better than the first book. I've tried many different method books in combination but yours seem to be more balanced and complete for the beginning bass student. Thank you again for making such a complete introduction to the Double Bass and I look forward to more from you in the future."
LinkedIn Email: jattanaseo@comcast.net

110) COLLEEN RUDDY, Double Bass Teacher and Performer, Principal Solo Bassist of The Hollywood Soloists, Former Principal Bassist of Alcyon Chamber Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, played Electric Bass with contestants on The Voice in June 2013, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA
"I love the ABCs of Bass books. They are a great supplement for teaching young bass students. They are the best thing out there!"
Website Facebook Email: colleenruddy@gmail.com

111) GIL KATZ, Bass player and founder of NONA -- Cello and Bass Duo, Sarasota, FLORIDA, USA
"The great aspect of these ABCs of Bass books is the balance between technique and melodic content. The choices of melodies are exactly what all students need at an early stage -- coherent melodies that they can recognize. This helps them navigate between what they hear, see and feel which eventually makes not only the fingerboard feel less abstract but the entire process of making music."
Facebook YouTube nona@nonamusic.com

112) JUDITH SUGARMAN, Assistant Principal Bass of Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival, Principal Bass of Little Orchestra Society, Double Bass in Brooklyn Philharmonic, former Double Bass Faculty Member at The Juilliard School, Faculty Member at The Mannes College of Music, New York, NEW YORK, USA
"I use your The ABCs of Bass books for all my beginning bass students! Great job and thank you for making MY job easier."
LinkedIn Email: judithsugarman@gmail.com

113) WAYNE ROBERTS, Juilliard and New England Conservatory grad, Double Bass Teacher and Leader of the John Kirby Project, teacher at Community Music School of Springfield, western MASSACHUSETTS, USA
"Janice Tucker Rhoda's ABCs of Bass Series are ideal for my younger bass students. Many of the pieces are recognizable and therefore easier to learn, and Ms. Rhoda's original pieces help with sight reading. The warm-up sections are also very useful. I highly recommend these books."
Email: wayne.roberts@earthlink.net

114) VICENTE BENLLOCH, Profesor Superior de Contrabajo, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Alicante, Alicante, SPAIN
"Es un placer saludar a una gran pedagoga como tu, enhorabuena por el magnífico trabajo que haces con tus libros ABCs of Bass, que utilizo todos los días en mis clases."

115) DOUGLAS FERREIRA, Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, Lynn University, Concert Double Bassist & Double Bass teacher assistant at Michigan State University - Spartans, East Lansing, MICHIGAN, USA
"I always use the The ABCs of Bass to teach my kids and they like it! Thank you for the contribution to the bass literature!!!"
Email: douglasfabio@yahoo.com.br ferrei17@msu.edu

116) BILL ELLISON, M.M. Juilliard, Bassist with Barbara Streisand, Giant the Musical, American Symphony Orchestra, Bass Teacher in Greater New York City Area, USA

117) ERIC HERVE, Double Bassist and Artist, Professor at Carcassonne Conservatory, FRANCE
"C'est un véritable honneur pour moi car je suis un fervent admirateur et utilise votre collection The ABCs of Bass avec mes élèves avec un réel succès!! Bonne route à vous et encore merci!"
Double Bass Art Website Email: closharve@yahoo.fr

118) Dr. GREG HAMILTON, D.M.A., Professor of Cello and Double Bass, Concordia College, Moorhead, MINNESOTA, USA
"I LOVE the ABCs of Cello and ABCs of Bass books! They are so clear and uncluttered (unlike so many current books) with large type, plenty of space between the lines and pieces, organized pedagogical goals, and helpful hints mixed in. I especially enjoy the mix of well-known tunes, important classical melodies, and Ms. Rhoda's original songs. This is the first source I go to when I teach a new student! I know he or she would not be intimidated with this volume (Book 1) and will enjoy the learning process without being overwhelmed."
BIO Email: ghamilto@cord.edu

119) TOM NOTHNAGLE, Master Teacher of Double Bass, All styles Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Iowa City, IOWA, USA
The ABCs of Bass books are easy to work with for both my young and middle aged Double Bass students."

120) LINDA MOORE JOHNSON, Double Bass Teacher and Performer, Orchestra Teacher, Colorado Springs, COLORADO, USA
Email: ljtoots@gmail.com

121) JIM GUTTMANN, Double Bass Teacher and Performer, Klezmer Conservatory Band, Watertown, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Website Email: jim.guttmann@gmail.com

122) DAN SWAIM, Professor Emeritis of Double Bass, Arizona State University and Chair of Suzuki Association of the Americas Bass Committee, Chandler, ARIZONA, USA
"The ABCs of Bass presents a wealth of information that is consistent with the pedagogy of the leading bass teachers worldwide! Students will love it because of the high quality of the music. There are well over 40 appealing folk songs, classical pieces and excellent original teaching pieces by Janice Tucker Rhoda in each volume. Information for both the left and right hands is thoughtfully presented. For example, the introduction of the slurred staccato and the slurred portato before teaching the smooth slur is a great idea! After studying Books 1 and 2, students will be able to play various two octave scales with many of the basic bowing skills."

123) JASON DAVIS, Double Bass Teacher in Brighton Center, and travels to homes in the greater Boston area, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Website Email: jasdav@gmail.com 1-781-738-4054

124) SILAS DE OLIVEIRA, Brazilian/American Concert Cellist in New England String Ensemble, Boston String Players, MITSPO, UMass Boston Orchestra, and English, Portuguese, Spanish speaking Cello and Double Bass Teacher, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA
Email: Cellistsilas@aol.com

ABCs of Violin, ABCs of Viola, ABCs of Cello, ABCs of Bass and Complete Technique are used by Teachers and Students worldwide including Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, India, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, South America, United Kingdom and the United States.

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