ABCs of String Orchestra TITLES
Authors Janice Tucker Rhoda & Andrew Balent
Publisher Carl Fischer Music

The ABCs of String Orchestra - Full Score
CF Catalog Number: ABC101
ISBN: 0825841356 or 978-0825841354

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The ABCs of String Orchestra - Violin I part
CF Catalog Number: ABC102
ISBN: 0825841364 or 978-0825841361

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The ABCs of String Orchestra - Violin II part
CF Catalog Number: ABC103
ISBN: 0825841372 or 978-0825841378

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The ABCs of String Orchestra - Viola part
CF Catalog Number: ABC104
ISBN: 0825841380 or 978-0825841385

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The ABCs of String Orchestra - Cello part
CF Catalog Number: ABC105
ISBN: 0825841399 or 978-0825841392

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The ABCs of String Orchestra - Bass part
CF Catalog Number: ABC106
ISBN 0825841402 or 978-0825841408

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The ABCs of String Orchestra - Piano Accompaniment part
CF Catalog Number: ABC107
ISBN: 0825841410 or 978-0825841415

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If you aspire to play in your local community orchestra, school orchestra or even a professional orchestra someday, The ABCs of Strings Orchestra is a great way to begin. While covering beginning to intermediate levels, it is expertly arranged to have a full and satisfying sound by Janice Tucker Rhoda and Andrew Balant. Each part gives you valuable reading experience, and progresses gradually and logically while developing left hand and bow arm techniques.

The ABCs of String Orchestra seven parts sold separately:
Full Score, 1st Violin, 2nd Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano Accompaniment

The ABCs of String Orchestra is very unique! Violists, Cellists and Bassists have interesting parts with many main melodic phrases and lines. So it's not strictly accompaniment for the lower pitched instruments like so much of the string orchestra music available. Switching back and forth from the first violin's main melody parts to the other instruments makes the music an enjoyable challenge for everyone to play. It is a useful tool for learning basic ensemble skills for all players!

The Viola and 2nd Violin Parts are the same, just in case there aren't enough Violists!

D Major, A Major and G Major Scales are included in each part and can be played simultaneously for warmup as a string orchestra, trio or quartet ensemble.*

There are 20 delightful ABCs of String Orchestra pieces!

The list of the popular melodies and original works by author Janice Tucker Rhoda:

Pieces in the key of D Major:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Jingle Bells
My Dreydl
Frere Jacques
School is Out!
Beethoven's Violin Concerto Theme
Pieces in the key of A Major:


Pieces in the key of G Major:

O Pastorzinho
The Clown
O Come, All Ye Faithful
A Shakespeare Play
Bobbing for Apples-Jig
Waves of the Sea
Over the Ocean
Chinese River Flowing
Child's Play
The Hope (Hatikvah)
Irish Washer Woman
Beethoven's Ode to Joy

The ABCs of String Orchestra can also be used for Trio or Quartet playing.*

Trio suggestions:

Violin I, Violin II, Cello (or Bass)
Violin I, Viola, Cello (or Bass)
Violin I, Violin II or Viola, Piano

Quartet suggestions:

Violin I, Violin II, Cello, Bass
Violin I, Viola, Cello, Bass
Violin I, Viola, Cello, Piano (or Bass instead of Cello)


"Three Part Concert Gems"
"For the beginning string orchestra, these short pieces are gems. Included are obvious favorites along with arrangements of classics and styles. The three part instrumentation creates pleasant harmonies without overwhelming young players. They (and you), will surely be motivated by successful rehearsal and performance."
Review by Darlene Abbate, Long Island, NY October 8, 2008.
Used by permission of Sheet Music Plus.

"I use ABCs of Violin for both children and adults, and find that it covers both groups well. There is a variety of material and styles... The availability of an orchestral scoring of the material (ABCs of String Orchestra) is useful in forming up small groups for the spring recital season."
Richard Tweney, B.M., English and French speaking Violin/Viola teacher, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada