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What the critics say about David Cleary's music:

About Fourteen Movie Characters:
"...beautifully written pieces in the best tradition of the piano miniature."
--Michael Manning, The Boston Globe

About String Quartet No. 2 ("Artaria")
" electrifying piece."
--Carol Warfield, Newport Daily Express

About Gryllus:
"...demonstrates mastery of several compositional techniques from hints of romanticism to more abrupt statements. Instrumental sections shine in brilliantly contrasting styles."
--Martin Sivitz, The Pittsburgh Press

About Five Bilbies [Bilbies I]:
"...striking in its use of string techniques and contrasting elements. It is a good work indeed, one that we ought to hear again."
--James Underwood, The Herald-Telephone (Bloomington, IN)

About The Deeper Magic:
" work here was a definite feeling for narrative,... deep-in-the-earth folkishness,... and the craft of making a violin and viola sound like a million bucks times two...'Back to roots!' it growled."
--Richard Buell, The Boston Globe
"...multicolored...explores the melodic and harmonic essence to the fullest...exciting repertoire."
--David O. Brown, Journal of the American Viola Society
"The Deeper Magic, by David Cleary, is deeper stuff indeed. Beginning "Very slowly -- ferocious, intense, passionate" it becomes "Very fast -- frantic, with fire and intensity," living up to every adjective. Bela Bartok and George Rochberg smile from the wings, as Cleary again and again demonstrates his idiomatic command of the resources at hand."
--Mark Alburger, 21st Century Music

About Six Songs on Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins:
"The music is expressive and varied and the piece as a whole is coherent and well-structured...This complex work is the sort of music one might find increasingly satiating with additional hearings."
--Bob Palmer, The Cincinnati Enquirer

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